Girls playing basketball, volleyball, softball, running & lifting weights!

Our ALL FEMALE ATHLETE FUNDRAISER is THIS Friday June 18th at 8:00am-9:00am (after weights & open gym) we are hosting this through FundU & it's SUPER EASY. Every female athlete received a "call 30 sheet" at our call out before school ended (if they did not attend the call out, they can still attend the fundraiser). They were asked to get 10-30 names of people they can contact to ask for small donations to the girls sports programs at SNHS. This can be family, friends, posted on facebook (yes parents can post the link too😎), anything really. All the information, link, script, etc will be provided for the girls on the 18th. We as female coaches are REALLY excited about this opportunity. We all need to work together to help support ALL THE GIRLS SPORTS PROGRAMS AT SNHS! Also,  prizes are involved for the girls....WAHOO!!! If you cannot stay the whole time, that's OKAY!!! If you have any questions, please contact Coach Robbins or Coach Keller. See you ALL there!!!!